“Midge is a force; she’s an extremely talented trainer and a magnificent human being with a golden soul. She keeps me motivated, interested and never lets me cheat myself out of a good workout. I feel lucky to have her in my life.” Sophia G.

“Midge: Integrity. Drive. Perseverance. Those are three word to describe my friend with whom I have been training for over ten years. I drive from the Leigh Valley to Philadelphia so I can train with Midge, she has helped direct me to push beyond my limits and find success in fitness that has translated to success in my life. The road has not been easy but I know Midge will help me whenever she can.” Brian S

I have been training with Midge for 5 years.  She has trained me through 2 pregnancies, I’ve worked out up until I delivered with both babies.  The workouts helped make labor and delivery much easier.  I was able to get my pre-baby body back in record time thanks to the intense, relentless pursuit of the goals that Midge and I set.  Claudia P