Personal Trainer at 12th Street Gym, by appointment.

Your potential is limitless. The body will achieve what the mind believes. My goal when I work with clients is to observe them, assess their potential, and set mutually agreed upon goals. We then seal our pact and both commit to achieving those goals. We work together to overcome any and all obstacles that are between us and our goal. Achieving physical goals is often times more about overcoming the mental mind-junk! Getting rid of, “I CAN’T”, getting rid of, “I’M TIRED.”, getting rid of, “I’M SORE.” Being relentless in pursuit of our goal.

Overcoming the fear of the unknown. Overcoming the fear of “what’s on the other side”. Overcoming the fear of “what’s in that dark place”. Ignoring the negative voices in your mind and pushing into a place that is scary as shit!

There is something magical and mystical that happens to a persons spirit in the moments after they’ve pushed themselves beyond what they thought was their limit.

The strength of spirit, the power of physical achievement and the knowledge of success in the physical arena can provide a person with the confidence to overcome obstacles in everyday life. It can fill one with confidence that perpetuates success in everything one does.

My commitment to every client and anyone in my class is unwavering support, coaching and love! 100% dedication to you: body and soul.

Teach 3 Classes at 12th Street Gym.
Monday & Wednesday 7:30pm– S & M (Strength & Muscle)
Extreme content…may require advanced level of fitness AND submission! Some language not suitable for some participants. Involves muscle domination and strength intensity beyond your expectations!

Thursday 7:30pm– Insanity
An intense combination of strength and cardiovascular training designed to confuse the muscles into developing a leaner, fitter, INSANE physique. This is not for the faint-hearted. Never predictable, never boring, always a challenge!